Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Burstall

Small towns worldwide are as unique as the people that fill them. Take a closer look and you’ll find amazing stories, friends and talent that only small communities can create. If you’re new to Burstall or interested in visiting, we have a list that can get your trip started right.

1.  Excellent sports facilities so inexpensive you can afford to do it all

We have hockey, golf, baseball, curling, bowling, swimming, and a number of other sports happening throughout the year. Join a team or join them all without breaking the bank.

2.  Affordable real estate, way below city prices. New lots also available at $500. Build to suit your needs

Find your new home or property here.

3. Burstall streets are wide, clean and well maintained

It’s true! They’re very wide and very clean.

4. All the amenities you may need are available here

Gas, food, banks, entertainment, pub, recreation and buds.

5. Several active service groups

Volunteer your time as a fire fighter, first responder, town committee.

6.  Friendly, supportive, community minded residents

It’s a small town. Let your kids run free without worry. Say, “Hey, daddy needs some more ketchup. Run down to the store and pick some up. And grab the mail while you’re at it!” 🙂

7. Places to worship

There are three churches. You can find more information here.

8.  Annual festivals and activities

Burstall is host to numerous festivals and activities throughout the year. The annual Fall Fair brings in people from all over the area. Drama performances, entertainment nights, hockey tournaments and other activities peppered throughout the year.

9. Small town pride

We have some of the best pizza in Saskatchewan, the best bar in the area, high quality golf fairways and greens, great people, and all the amenities you need.

10.  Centrally located to all major urban cities in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Located one hour from Medicine Hat, one hour fifteen to Maple Creek, three hours thirty to Saskatoon or three hours thirty to Calgary. Better yet, 15 minutes from the South Saskatchewan River, 15 to the Great Sandhills Provincial Park and a world-class chorus of frogs to put you to sleep on a warm summer night.

Live the carefree life throughout the week, and if need be, drive into the city. Don’t stress about escaping the city, use it when you need it.



Cypress Hills (Highest elevation east of the Rockies) two hours away. Amazing camping, hiking and views at your backdoor.