BYLAW NO. 2017 – 157

The Council of the Town of Burstall in the Province of Saskatchewan, enacts as follows:

This Bylaw shall be known as a Bylaw to Licence Dogs/Cats and Regulate the running at Large of Dogs.

For the purpose of this bylaw the expression:

(a) “dog” includes any dog either male or female, sapling or puppy;

(b) “cat” includes any cat either male or female, sapling or kitten;

(c) “administrator” shall mean the administrator of the municipality;

(d) “Municipality” shall mean the Town of Burstall

(e) “Owner” shall mean any person owning, possessing, or harbouring a dog or cat;

(f) “running at large” shall mean any dog or dogs beyond the boundaries of the land occupied by the owner, possessor, or harbourer of the said dog, or beyond the boundaries of any lands where it may be with the permission of the owner or occupant of the said land and when it is not under control by being:

(i) in the direct and continuous charge of a person competent to control it; or

(ii) securely confined within an enclosure; or

(iii) securely fastened so that it cannot roam at will.

(g) “pound keeper” shall mean the person appointed by the Council or an organization or company which has an agreement with the Town and/or is retained by the Town to catch and control dogs and cats for enforcement of provisions of this bylaw.

2. (a) Every person within the municipality who owns, possesses, or harbours a dog or cat shall obtain a licence from the Town Office during regular hours.

(b) The licence shall be in effect from January 1 to December 31 of a calendar year, and shall be obtained in advance for each year.

(c) The licence fee for each dog or cat – not spayed or neutered – $30.00

– spayed or neutered – $15.00

3. The limits on the number of dogs and cats, over 20 weeks of age, per occupied primary residence within the Town of Burstall are as follows:

(a) 3 (three) dogs in all areas of the Town of Burstall

(b) 5 (five) cats in areas not zoned agricultural

( c) Where both dogs and cats are kept, a total of 5 (five) animals, with a maximum of 3 (three) dogs.

(d) No restriction on the number of cats kept in areas zoned agricultural

(e) Dogs & cats are not allowed to be housed in a secondary & unoccupied residence or out buildings.

4. Every person to whom a licence has been issued under this bylaw shall cause his/her dog/cat to wear a collar to which shall be attached the licence tag issued by the municipality pursuant to this bylaw.

5. A person residing in the municipality who owns, possesses, or harbours a dog/cat and neglects or refuses to take out a licence therefore shall be deemed guilty of infraction of this bylaw.

6. For the purpose of impounding any dog found running at large in the municipality a pound shall be established at such place or places as may from time to time be designated by resolution of council as a pound.

7. No dog shall run at large in the municipality.

8. Any Council Member or Pound Keeper may restrain any dog running at large in the municipality and shall deliver the dog so restrained to the pound. Such person shall leave with the pound keeper a statement in writing describing the dog restrained, the name of the owner (if known) and the place and time of restraint.

9. The administrator shall keep a record of all dogs impounded and the time and manner of their disposal.

10. If a dog/cat defecates on any public or private property other than the property of its owner, the owner of the dog/cat shall remove the defecation immediately. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 fine.

11. The pound keeper/administrator appointed under the provisions of this bylaw is hereby empowered to collect all necessary charges and fees in connection with the impounding of dogs and for the keeping of such dogs at the pound.

12. If the address of the owner of any impounded dog is known to the pound keeper/administrator of the municipality they shall, within twenty-four (24) hours of the first business day, forward to the said owner a notice in writing by mail advising such owner of impounding and setting forth the amount required to be paid in order to have the dog released.

13. Owners of any dog impounded shall satisfy the pound keeper by reasonable evidence that he/she is the lawful owner or person entitled to possession of said dog, and shall pay the pound keeper/administrator the following charges:

The annual licence fee under Section 2.

The sum $100.00 for each day or any fraction of a day that a dog shall remain impounded.

Refer to Section 14, Town of Burstall Specified Penalties

14. In case a dog is impounded and not claimed within seventy-two (72) hours the dog can be transported to the nearest vet clinic by the pound keeper. (The dog will be destroyed and all cost incurred will be the responsibility of the said owner).

a. A violator of this bylaw, upon being served with a Notice of Violation,

may, during office hours, voluntarily pay the penalty at the Burstall Town Office, and upon payment as so provided, that person shall not be liable to prosecution of the offence. Payment must be made in cash.

Should these charges not be paid, they can be added to the property owner taxes where applicable.

c. Should any infraction of this bylaw be reported by any person other than the pound keeper, it must be witnessed by a second party.

d. The Notice of Violation shall be in Form “1” attached to and forming part of this bylaw.

15. Town of Burstall Specified Penalties: (ALL PENALTIES TO BE PAID IN CASH)

Offence                                              Penalty(fine)   Offence Subsequent

(a) failure to licence dog/cat            $250 for each & every offence

(b) failure to attach a valid

licence tag when a dog/

cat is off the premises of

the owner.                                             $100.00                     $125.00

(c) dog running at large                     $100.00                      $250.00

(d) failure to immediately

remove a dog/cat excrement

(defecation) from public or

private property other than

the property of the dog/cat

owner.                                                  $100.00                       $250.00

(e) allow animal feces to

accumulate on private

property.                                                $100.00                      $250.00

(f) dog/cat creating a nuisance by

barking or howling                             $100.00                       $250.00

upsets waste receptacle or

scatters waste                                       $100.00

(g) dog bites, threats or chases a

person or other animal                       $100.00

(h) a person teasing, tormenting

or annoying a dog                                $100.00

Bylaw No. 2007-102 is hereby repealed

Introduced and read a first time this 8th day of March, 2017.

Read a second time this 8th day of March, 2017.

Read a third time, signed and sealed this 8th day of March, 2017.