Wild Fire Notice

Unless you are actively engaged in helping with cleanup, hotspot suppression, or delivery of supplies, please stay away from the affected area. There are downed power lines on or near some roads, still burning power poles that could fall, SaskPower employees trying to get power restored, people trying to quickly get to flaring hotspots, neighbours and friends bringing food and drink to others, and people grieving the loss of their property, livestock and contents of their homes.

This is a trying time for the community.  Those who have been observed slowly driving around on the back roads and driving and walking around the burned yards and property are not welcome. Please stay away.

Burstall Landfill Site – Closed Oct. 20 & 21, 2017

Due to present smouldering issues and wanting to avoid the chance of providing additional materials to burn, the Burstall Landfill Site will be closed Friday, October 20th & Saturday, October 21st,

The Town of Burstall Mayor & Council, “Thank You” for your cooperation.


Fire Ban Update

On the morning of Monday, October 2nd, 2017, the Town Office was notified by the Burstall Fire Chief.

The “Fire Ban” for the R.M. of Deerforks #232 (which also includes the Town of Burstall) has been lifted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Landfill Notice

Due to suggestion from Grassland Eco Region Environmental protection officer – Jenna Furseth, the Burstall landfill site, will no longer be accepting old tires in their landfill site.

Burstall Landfill Hours of Operation

Burstall landfill hours of operation
Wednesdays – 1st wed. Of april to the last wednesday of september
Wednesday – 5:00 p.M. To 8:00 p.M. (April to September hours)
Friday – 1:00 p.M. To 5:00 p.M.
Saturday – 1:00 p.M. To 5:00 p.M.

Water Meter Readings & Emergencies

The Council for the Town of Burstall is requesting that all residents who have access to an email address, please submit it to the town administrator. Your email address will only be used in the event of an emergency or to have you submit your water meter readings. Please submit your email address to: burstall@sasktel.net