Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease

Just a reminder to residents that there is no pruning of elm trees between April 1 and August 31 unless you obtain municipal approval for a damaged tree, as stated in the “Saskatchewan Dutch Elm Disease Regulations.”

New Town Employee

The Town of Burstall council would like to welcome and congratulate John Rudd as the new town maintenance employee.

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Annual Notice to Consumers

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance
Annual Notice to Consumers

The Water Security Agency and the Ministry of Environment requires that at least once each year waterworks owners provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by a Minister’s Order or Permit to Operate a waterworks. The following is a summary of the Town of Burstall water quality and sample submission compliance record for the 2020 time period. This report was completed on January 20th, 2021. Readers should refer to Water Security Agency’s Municipal Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Guidelines, June 2015, EPB 502 for more information on minimum sample submission requirements and the meaning of type of sample. Permit requirements for a specific waterworks may require more sampling than outlined in the department’s monitoring guidelines. If consumers need more information on the nature and significance of specific water tests, for example, “what is the significance of Selenium in a water supply”, more detailed information is available from: .

Water Quality Standards
Bacteriological Quality
Regular Samples                   Regular Samples                         # of Positive Regular
Parameter/Location            Limit                      Required                                  Submitted                                      Submitted (%)
Total Coliform             0 Organisms/100 mL              24                                        26                                                            0
E. coli                            0 Organisms/100 mL               24                                        26                                                            0

Water Disinfection –
Chlorine Residual in Distribution System for Test Results Submitted with Bacteriological Samples
Minimum                       Total Chlorine       Free Chlorine                 # Tests                 # Tests #               Adequate
Parameter              Limit                               Residual Range     Residual Range             Required               Submitted        Chlorine (%)
Chlorine               0.1 mg/L free OR
Residual                0.5 mg/L total                        .30 – 1.29             .24 – 1.21                         24                            26                     100%

Water Disinfection – Free Chlorine Residual for Water Entering Distribution System from Waterworks Records-From Water Treatment Plant Records
Test Level                     # Tests #                  Tests Not Meeting
Parameter                                     Limit (mg/L)                 Range                          Performed                 Requirements
Free Chlorine Residual              at least 0.1                   .16 – 2.20                                365                                  0

A minimum of 0.1 milligrams per litre (mg/L) free chlorine residual is required for water entering the distribution system. Tests are normally performed on a daily basis by the waterworks operator and are to be recorded in operation records. This data includes the number of free chlorine residual tests performed, the overall range of free chlorine residual (highest and lowest recorded values) and the number of tests and percentage of results not meeting the minimum requirement of 0.1 mg/L free chlorine residual.

Turbidity – From Water Treatment Plant Records
Parameter            Limit                 Test Level               # Tests Not Meeting        Maximum                   # Tests              # Tests
(NTU)                Range                       Requirements                  Turbidity (NTU)         Required           Performed
Turbidity             1.0                        .09 – .69                              0                                      .69                               365                     365

Chemical – Health Category
All waterworks serving less than 5000 persons are required to submit water samples for SE’s Chemical Health category once every 2 years. The Chemical Health category includes analysis for arsenic, barium, boron, cadmium, chromium, fluoride, lead, nitrate, selenium and uranium.

The last sample for Chemical Health analysis was submitted on April 8, 2019. Sample results indicated that the provincial drinking water quality standards were not exceeded.

Limit                                  Limit                               Sample
Parameter                  MAC(mg/L)                       IMAC (mg/L)                Result(s)
Arsenic                         0.010                                                                            .00020
Barium                         1.0                                                                                 .0676
Boron                                                                            5.0                                 0.1
Cadmium                  0.005                                                                               .00015
Chromium                 0.05                                                                                .00019
Fluoride (avg*)            1.5                                                                                 .14
Lead                            0.01                                                                                 .00010
Nitrate (avg.*)            45.0                                                                               1.8
Selenium                     0.01                                                                               .00113
Uranium                     0.02                                                                               .0015

General Chemical
Aesthetic                                                Sample Results
Parameter                                 Objectives * (mg/L)                              (average)
Alkalinity                                          500                                                           187
Bicarbonate                            No Objective                                                    228
Calcium                                   No Objective                                                      59
Carbonate                               No Objective                                                        0
Chloride                                           250                                                          28.4
Conductivity                           No Objective                                                     711
Hardness                                         800                                                            234
Magnesium                                     200                                                               21
PH                                           No Objective                                                       8.1
Sodium                                            300                                                               57
Sulphate                                           500                                                           129.7
Total dissolved
Solids                                               1500                                                             527

All waterworks serving less than 5000 persons are required to submit water samples for SE’s General Chemical category once every two years if a ground water source and once per three months every second year if a surface water or blended surface/groundwater source. The General Chemical category includes analysis for alkalinity, bicarbonate, calcium, carbonate, chloride, conductivity, hardness (as CaCO3), magnesium, sodium, sulphate and total dissolved solids.

The last sample for General Chemical analysis was required on 2019 and submitted on April 8, 2019. Sample results indicated that there were no exceedences of the provincial aesthetic objectives for the General Chemical category.

*Objectives apply to certain characteristics of or substances found in water for human consumptive or hygienic use. The presence of these substances will affect the acceptance of water by consumers and/or interfere with the practice of supplying good quality water. Compliance with drinking water aesthetic objectives is not mandatory as these objectives are in the range where they do not constitute a health hazards. The aesthetic objectives for several parameters (including hardness as CaCO3, magnesium, sodium and total dissolved solids) consider regional differences in drinking water sources and quality.

More information on water quality and sample submission performance may be obtained from:
Town of Burstall
Box 250, Burstall, Sask. S0N 0H0
Telephone Number: 306-679-2000/ Facsimile Number: 306-679-2275
E-mail address:





The Town of Burstall requires a maintenance employee

The position requires the following:
– Valid Drivers Licence Class 5
– Criminal Record Check
– Drivers Abstract
– Drug & Alcohol test
– Adherence to work and safety procedures
– Ability to operate and maintain a variety of Town supplied equipment
– Keep town shop and Water Treatment Plant clean
– Knowledge of water & sewer operations an asset
– Small Systems Water & Waste Water Certification – required within one year
– Must be self motivated with the ability to work under the direction of the Mayor or his/her designate, in accordance with the Town Maintenance Guideline Agreement between the Maintenance       Employee and The Burstall Town Council.
-Must be a team player.
-Must read water meters, during the spring, summer & fall months.
-Must collect rec facilities, community hall, friendship centre, monument park, trailer parks & playground garbage, on a day designated by the mayor or his /her designate.

Job will be a minimum of 32 hours per week.

Resumes will be accepted until noon Wednesday, January 13th, 2021.

Please state qualifications, experience and salary expected.

Job scope can be provided upon request from the Town of Burstall Office.

Interested applicants are invited to submit their resumes and references to:

Town of Burstall      Box 250       Burstall,       Sask. S0N 0H0
or drop off at the Town Office
or Fax: 1-306-679-2275
or email:

Any inquiries should be made to Administrator @ The Town Office -306-679-2000.

Update for ratepayers – concerns regarding town employees

This is an update for our ratepayers as there has been a few concerns regarding town employees.

Town council professionally approached the town maintenance employee regarding intended modification to his hours of work per week, to commence February 1, 2021. Unfortunately, the employee was not in agreement with council’s decision and chose to resign his position.  We will actively be seeking a new qualified employee. In the mean time the water & waste water facilities are going to be overseen by a certified operator from another community until the town hires someone to take over these duties.

It has been suggested that council members perform the employee duties, this is strictly prohibited by the Municipalities  Act, Section 112, and council will try to make this transition as soon as possible.

The town office is open Monday to Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to noon & 1:00 p.m. to 5:0 p.m., based on  32 hours per week, as is the town administrators salary.

As per agreement between the town and the R.M. of Deer Forks #232, the town administrator is hired to clean the office, a day in lieu is not given.

We thank you for your understanding and patience.