We will be working with ONE person at a time to maintain 6 foot physical distancing.

1. BEFORE ENTERING – Please LOOK inside to see if the service area is occupied.

2. If not occupied, COME ON IN, we are looking forward to working with you.
– Upon entering, please use the hand sanitizer which is provided for your use.

3. If occupied, please wait outside office area, 6 feet from the door until it is your turn.

Thank you

Stay Safe

As alternative,  Invoices, utilities or taxes can be paid via  (TOWN – CIBC/Credit Union/BMO/TDCanada)
(R.M. – E-transfer)
Both Governments – by mail or use the mail box located on the front of the office building – located along the wheelchair ramp.
We Thank You for your understanding and cooperation.
Take Care
Town of Burstall &
R.M. of Deer Forks #232
Phone: 306-679-2000
Email: Town: [email protected]
Email: R.M.: [email protected]